Tuesday, April 19, 2011

across the finish line

The duck has landed. I have finished. I am gainfully underemployed between contracts. Cars, the work mobile, E-tags, security passes and other trinkets and baubles have been returned.

Significant quantities of cider, red wine, mountain air, wild brumby schnapps, port, pots of tea, time with dear friends and fine food have been devoured.

My cold has returned. I am shnuggled in bed with a cat and a cup of tea. I am ignoring my mobile - because after-all, what are they going to do, SACK ME? hee hee.

My plans for the day involve nothing more that getting on the bike and going to the gym.  At some stage.

There are threats of new work, new opportunities, new jobs and new projects, There may even be a PhD proposal...if I don't come to my senses first but at the moment, in this space, I am being just here, in the present, determined for this space of nothingness and unfurling, destressing shoulders to extend as long as it needs/wants/can.

Who I am if I don't have a job?
How the #@&$ would I know?
But I am deliciously excited about finding out. 

In other news, a series of delightful events led to the arrival of Charmaine Solomon's COMPLETE vegetarian cookbook.  I am not sure if it is free, or if I need to reimburse the friend of a friend the $2 they paid for it at a second hand book stall. My vague recollection from a rather raucous girls night in dinner/birthday party was that I may have cheekily offered $1.80 for it but no money has as yet changed hands, but I have the book! What an awesome book. Its the 1996 edition and I am in love already.

Tonight we are having Armenian Potatoes and Lentil Salad. 

Well, regular communications should commence shortly - subject to me working out how to coax the camera back into working order.

Remember orstraylian folks - its ANZAC DAY on the 25th and that means PLANT YOUR GARLIC. 

That is all.