Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I just had to share this photo. This is my nephew Jack, Rani and Nessa. Rani was rescued from the RSPCA - no one wanted her because she had been beaten and hit by a car, and I am away too much to have a dog but my brother's family said they would have her and she fits in just fine. She LOVES them and loves my brother and ADORES Jack. She follows him everywhere - on the trampoline, behind his bike, and to bed each night. (She used to sleep UNDER the bed but things have obviously changed. Nessa (middle) was Jacks Christmas present. She also stops Rani from getting anxious during the day. It may not be immediately obvious, but my brother and his beautiful wife have a STRICT no dogs on the bed policy.......
After a very hard start, I reckon Rani's life has turned out OK after all.... but I think Jack might need a bigger bed.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Hello internets. heeellloooooo....

Sbinawhile. Sbinawhile. Whats happening?

Well, look at my beautiful pressie from Jacqui and Marjorie.

Have you ever seen a cuter little bundle. How cute are those salt'n'peppa shakers? And that little Christmas Doily? I am in cute heaven. And borrage for courage - I was gonig to have to buy some more borrage seeds - how did she know?
Thank you Miss Life in the Dome.

And meet Bitie (you know, from The Simpsons, when Homer has possums in the cupboard and says to Bart "I call the big one Bitie"...._

Here is Bitie eating his banana at a safer distance. He looks so soft. I can hardly resist the urge to pat him, cuddle him and rub my face in his fur. But I know that all his ends are very pointy and sharp.

Now, this is VERY SPECIAL.....could it be? YES. Mr Bacon the Avocado the BRAVE is actually about to flower. One step closer to growing avocados in the ONC my friends.

And for a closer look......

This is the rather ragged but brave Mr Bacon who made it though his first torrid ONC winter. HOORAY for Mr Bacon.

And could this possibly be baby Apricots?
Why yes, I think they are.

And surely these must be baby Angel peaches?

And other news? Well, Queen Atalia has a new box. She is no longer humble. She is CRANKY. I have been stung twice. She has an ARMY of front line soldiers who are very well briefed. But really she is very busy. It is still a bit cold. Eric says when the temperature climbs another few degrees and the nectar starts to flow properly she will be happier. They are FRANTIC - trying to build new comb and feeding all the babies and search for nectar to feed themselves.
To date I have been stung on my cheek, head and neck. Perhaps I should start wearing my veil.

Happy SPRING everyone.